Why & How should you create an Online Store?

Digital Presence:

In today’s world, it is almost imperative that you need an online presence for a multitude of reasons. Simply having a brick and mortar store is no longer a guarantee that you will be able to get business, whatever be the industry. There is a constant every day shift happening towards a digital world and there is no escape from it really. Everyone has a smartphone and the ready availability of data to make everyday decisions is what is driving more and more people towards this digital inter-connectedness.

Today, one can search for businesses online, look at their products, check out the reviews, share & ask for recommendations, and place an order for doorstep delivery, everything from the convenience of a couch or office desk. This is an unparalleled convenience that eventually the whole world is accepting into its fold. In such a scenario, there is an urgent need for taking your business online in addition to any offline presence.


Why go Online:

Quite frankly, online is the place to be. There is no reason to not be listed online as there are no major overheads like Rent, AC, Sales Assistants’ Salaries and Maintenance of Premises etc. Instead there are relatively low cost factors like Domains, Hosting, and Shopping Cart platform. There is no limitation to where you can sell, you can go international too. There is a huge opportunity to scale up your business with very less effort when you start selling online. There is also the added benefit of extensive data collection not limited to sales and customers but reports that can be generated for all aspects of your business, which can then be used for fine-tuning your business strategy.


Choose your Strategy:

The first step in taking your store online is figuring out your strategy. For starters, you will have to decide what your goals would be as regards your online presence. Do you just want to list your local business on the internet and drive customers to your physical store? Or maybe you want to replicate your whole store online, with payment and shopping cart integration. This strategy will actually define how you go about the whole process of setting up your online store.

While this strategy can always be tweaked or changed as and when you learn more about the online side of the business, it is still important to have a clear path mapped out. Some of the common questions you would encounter would be – What all products should be made available online? Do you need an elaborate shopping cart or just a payment integration? What is the scope of geographical delivery? Should you do the delivery yourself or outsource it to a third party?

There would be more such questions depending on the industry and level of presence required. Once these questions are answered, you would have a clear idea of what your requirements are for creating an online store.


Domain Name:

A good domain name is an important step in the process of creating your online store. It is much like a brand name, which is not easily changeable once selected. If you already have a name for your registered business, then it is easy to check the availability of domain using sites like GoDaddy. In case you want a different name for your online store or in case of non-availability of domain, then look for a good, easily remembered name (ideally one to two words and less than 15 characters). The advantages of having a domain name with good recollection cannot be emphasized enough.


Domain Hosting:

Once you have purchased a domain, you need a hosting space too (much like a car needs a garage/parking). The hosting space would depend on content needed on the website, expected traffic to the website and any other add-ons like professional email. A good hosting space with the least downtime is essential, as the World Wide Web rarely sleeps and neither will your online store.


Create your Website:

Now that you have a domain and a hosting space, you can get around to creating your website. While there are a lot of free website builders available, most will have a restriction on the number of templates available, or the number of products that can be listed, or even the number of transactions permitted on a free plan.

Neoxcel Cart is a feature rich Ecommerce Platform and offers a comprehensive all in one plan enabling you to create your website, upload products & variations, choose shopping cart features, setup shipping and taxes and publish your site all within minutes. All you need is a list of products, their features including price and product images and our templates take care of the rest, leaving you with an online store ready to accept orders from customers in a jiffy.


Marketing Plan:

Finally, a good marketing plan will ensure that your online store gets noticed, gets more traffic, and builds up both orders and customers in steady progression. Engaging content, paid advertising, email newsletters all play a part in an effective marketing plan and eventually can surpass your offline sales owing to no restrictions on where your customers come from.

Note: We here at Primemove Technologies also offer Packages for both maintaining your website and marketing the same to any territory/region. We have a presence across 4 continents and have a diverse clientele across various industries. Get in touch with us here for any of your Digital Needs.