Shopping Cart Solutions for One and All

Are you a restaurant trying to get online? Or maybe you are a supermarket getting on to the delivery bandwagon? Want to target customers outside of your local area? Trying to expand your reach to an international market? Or do you just want to give a premium look to your existing website? If you are looking for an answer to any of the above questions or if you are trying to setup a website where people can buy your products directly, Neoxcel Cart has the perfect solution!

An Ecommerce Platform enables you to create an online store where people browse through your products, which will have all information like pictures, features, details, offer prices & variants available right at their fingertips, helping them make a purchase right then and there. Neoxcel Cart is exactly that, an Ecommerce platform with an inbuilt shopping cart, which allows you to create online product listings and showcase them in an engaging, user-friendly interface to the whole wide world.

While a normal website is efficient at giving an idea of what your company is about and descriptions of your product, you will need a shopping cart system for people to be able to buy more than one instance of a product. Integrating a payment system will allow you to collect payments from customers of course, but unlocking the true potential of selling more than one product and more than one instance of it will definitely require a Shopping Cart.

A shopping cart allows you the versatility of creating variations of a product like colors, size, etc. while also giving you the flexibility to set different prices for the variations. It also allows customers to pick and choose multiple instances of one or more products and make payment for all of them in one go during checkout. You can also manage various marketing strategies like giving out coupon discounts, create user membership groups, and encourage affiliates & referrals for your site through Neoxcel Cart. There are also a variety of choices for option variants like checkbox, radio buttons, select box and an added advantage of being able to combine the option variants. You can also create price and weight modifiers for each option variant. You can have absolute control over your catalog inventory by choosing to track it with or without the options.

The built-in layouts, content & theme editor allows you to customize the look and feel of the website with easy, quick steps like drag and drop. You can also customize your store in real-time while retaining absolute control over the HTML and CSS of your website. The superior admin panel gives you access to important and relevant data right on your dashboard while the full-fledged content management system allows you to create SEO friendly pages for your website in no time.

Apart from the above, Neoxcel Cart also incorporates testimonials, product reviews, bestseller product page, special offer page, customer cart tracking and other premium features into our amazingly fast loading technology ensuring that no effort is missed in converting a website visitor to a customer.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now to get your website shopping cart up and running!